Christmas Crafting with Viking

Crafting with Viking

With Christmas and the holidays round the corner, it can often be hard to think about getting organised and motivated. You’ll be surprised what one can find at home to use for decoration or that can be made from things just lying around at home.

I recently went to a workshop with Viking to create some #VikingChristmasCrafts and I must say it was a very fun evening.

The lovely ladies from Tea & Crafting Jane and Maddy helped us with the prep work for creating these personal  Christmas Crafts.

The venue was so lovely and oh so Christmassy. There were some focal points, apart from the table with the festive placements.

Crafting with Viking

A swing and chair provided a great photo opportunity that you know us bloggers love, 😉

At the Shoreditch Treehouse

Crafting with Viking

Did you ever wonder that the things in your house could be used for Christmas decorations? It can be small items lying around, as the cardboard used for creating a homemade piñata, which I will show you below.

Cardboard for crafting

Homemade Piñata

We also made our own homemade tree decorations using a perspex clear bauble, decorated with markers and sharpies and filled inside with bits of coloured paper shredded using the shredder provided.

Crafting with Viking

The workshops were a lot of fun, the girls were friendly and merry and the atmosphere was jolly.
Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / Last two photos taken by Elouisa Georgiou.

Do look at Viking for everyday stationary, office supplies and home needs that can also be used for Christmas too!

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