Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

I recently attended a special preview cinema screening of the film; Kill Your Friends at the CourtHouse Hotel.

The film stars Nicholas Hoult, James Corden, Georgia King, Craig Roberts, Jim Piddock, Joseph Mawle, Ed Skrein, Tom Riley, Ed Hogg, Rosanna Arquette, Moritz and Bleibtreuand. There is also the special appearance from Rosanna Arquette. 🙂

It is based around the record industry, but the rather dark side of. Nicholas Hoult plays an A&R man who has to search out for new talent in the music world, as well as the next ‘killer tunes’ in more ways than one.

The film isn’t what I usually would go to see, (that is more me and not a reflection of the film) but it is well made and entertaining. The humour is very English, dark and on-point.

Nicholas Hoult’s acting is superb, as was all the actors.  It is somewhat contrived in parts but that I think was the beauty, as it is meant to be exaggerated.

I especially liked how Nicholas Hoult’s character spoke to himself and/or the audience.

Apart from the seedy parts (which were obviously there for a reason) this is a good film, humour is good and the acting, also tremendous. So I would recommend it for just that.

The soundtrack is also worth a listen. #KillYourFriends is out in UK cinemas today. So do give it a watch!


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