Sightseeing and Eating in London

Day in London

London is such a diverse city. So much going on and so much to see. We lead busy lives and sometimes overlook what’s right under our noses. I have lived in London many years and definitely would like to make more time to explore a bit better.

The best way to do this is to just take a staycation. Why not take the time and have a romantic weekend with your partner and explore London. There are also some great Hotels near London Bridge to stay.

London BridgeDisclaimer: The spending money was gifted by, but all experiences and views are my own.

We decided to go sightseeing to London Bridge. The area is full of history and places to visit. London Bridge lies between the City of London and Southwark, in Central London. While visiting you can see the Southwark Cathedral, which has a very Gothic structure and worth a visit, even more so if you like to explore the historical and biblical side.

Southwark Cathedral, London Bridge



We then walked towards Tower Bridge and took some epic pictures, because why not! My son was the photographer for the day, so he took some excellent pictures throughout the city and of course of me.

London Bridge Views

There are so many pictures to be taken throughout the city of London and there are lots of places to visit, from the epic Shard to the Sky Gardens. I didn’t this time visit the Shard, but it is on my list to visit next. I can highly recommend a visit to the Sky Gardens, as you can see some epic views of London and take some equally epic photos.

There are many places to visit also, when in London it’s a must to go to the theatre. I wanted to see Aladdin and have always wanted to see The Lion King. There is always the cinema too, as the London ones are bigger and have a brilliant atmosphere.

There are many eating places too. Borough market is just a stone’s throw away from London Bridge station. The market has food from all different countries, as well as beautiful flowers and beverages. I found the most delectable stall that sold macarons, which are my favourites.

Borough Market

Don’t they look yummy!

Padella is a very popular place to eat at the moment and is located in Southwark Street, so not far from the station. Don’t be alarmed however when you see a big queue in front of the restaurant. Although, there is a queue, it is well worth a meal there (pasta of course). I can highly recommend the Stracci with sweet onions and gorgonzola foduta (you need to ask for vegetarian cheese). It’s best to always ask if they have vegan and vegetarian options available.

When one is having fun, then taking a few photos is a must for the memories. So here a few of the highlights of London:

Tower Bridge

I just love the above picture – the flying bird is a beautifully captured.

Tower Bridge DSC_0413

London Bridge Travel

When in London, if you like shopping than Oxford Street is the place to shop. With so many stores and so much choice, it’s a shopper’s haven. Just watch out for the rush. I also stopped off for a bit of light shopping. My favourite for clothes is Zara, and there are a few in and around Oxford Circus, so bonus.

While in London we also stopped off at an Instagrammable cafe called Feya. For me the highlight was that it served halal. I can recommend the chicken vol au vents, as they are very light and tasty. The vol au vents were made up of Puff Pastry Shells with a Creamy Filling of Chicken, Mushrooms and Tarragon. Delicious. We also had the avocado toast, named Rose Avo Toast. A coffee is a must after a good walk around the city, so we went for a mocha as well as a Comfy All Day; (Thick layered Strawberry Mango Smoothie with Oats, Banana, Coconut Butter and Almond Yogurt).

London Bridge Travel

Feya Cafe

All in all we had a great time looking around the London Bridge area and having some all-important yummy snacks and meals. A trip to London is well worth the making time for!

Where would you go in London, if you had the chance?

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  1. Helen says:

    Oh wow you covered lots of different places! I love Borough Market whenever I’m in London 🙂

  2. Every time I see a picture of the Thames,I just want to ask one question: Are there any fish in there?
    Feya looks completely fantastic,I would eat there in a heartbeat.

  3. I was at Borough Market last weekend, it is a real favourite, In fact I like this whole area, walking the Thames is great. Mich x

  4. I love walking the Thames when I visit London. Your son did an awesome job as photographer, some amazing photographs.

  5. So much to see and do! I remember visiting London with my nan as a child and having the best time, I still remember it now! I am hoping to be able to take my two children to London for some sight-seeing and exploring this summer and my son is desperate to see Big Ben!

  6. I live in London (well, in the suburbs) and I love it! Best city in the world.

  7. I love London but for some reason haven’t visited Borough Market and really want to, it’s probably top of my list of things I want to do.

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