Back to School with Smiggle

Smiggle – just the name makes you smile. Smiggle is a fun stationary store that originates from Australia. They have several stores in other countries including New Zealand, Singapore and now in the UK.

I recently went to Smiggle to see their back to school range and to pick up some goodies for both my son and niece for when they go back to school.

When you first enter the store, the first thing is that you’re hit with a vibrancy of colour.  The store just oozes fun and puts the magic back into stationary. It’s like a step back in time and all I can say is I wish I had a Smiggle store and it’s goodies when I was young!

They have the most amazing range of pencils, pens, cases and stationary bits. It’s not just reserved for the kids; adults can have fun too! There are some great bags and even safe’s to keep your money safe!

So back to school. It’s daunting enough for the child when going back to school but also for the parent. It’s a task and a half to get all that is needed for school and in one place. This is where Smiggle comes in. It has all the stationary that any child would need!

Their back to school range is also handy where some pencil cases contain everything (bar the pens and pencils) that is needed for class. Within the pencil case you have scissors, sellotape, rubber, sharpener and ruler, all concealed within their own compartments. It sure makes it easier to look after, without too much trouble, especially when you have kids prone to losing things, like mine!

My son loved the safe money box that I bought him. I also bought him a few cool pens and the above mentioned pencil case.

They have some awesome smelling pencils from cookies, cola, lemon and mint to choose from. I particularly loved the cola and cookie smelling ones.

Another cool item is a secret pen, where children and adults alike can write secret messages that isn’t visible to the eye until the light at the other side of the pen in shone on it. Ingenious.

I also liked their small boxes (resembling a small lunch box) with three to four glorious smelling rubbers. These can also be re-used to house, pins, clips or any other small items, including medicines (for adults only). There are an array to choose from from food to fruit rubbers. It’s a girl or boy’s dream place!

The staff are very friendly, welcoming and the store has a vast amounts of goodies to choose from. You can spend as much time as you want deciding what you want, which makes it easier to choose what you need.

You could quite easily loose yourself in the store. Kids have plenty to do and see, as well as buy. They have a great trying out table where you can try some of the stationary – a try before you buy. The only thing is that your child will either want everything in the shop or it’ll be really hard to get them out of there!

Just be warned even though it might be hours of fun with your child, it’ll leave a hole in your pocket, but you will be your child’s best friend and that is reward in itself!


Smiggle Stationary