March Birthday – Madness and Isolation

March is my birthday month and usually very busy. As you are well aware we are all in isolation, except for key workers. I also was travelling to work, but my son got a cough, so had to self-isolate. I was lucky enough to be able to home work with a laptop.

It’s been a weird month really. What with having to go out shopping and seeing hardly anything on the shelves. It was highly absurd.

I always thought working from home would be fun. I have enjoyed being more relaxed though. However, it can be a little boring working day in day out for 5 days a week. Ideally, working a day or two from home is enough.

I worked with Oasis Fashions again which was also wonderful. I shot the pictures in Morden which was not only fun but also a good time with family and some outdoors time, which now is so coveted. We only realise life’s privileges until their gone and often take things for granted.

Mothers Day
Mother’s Day this year was a bit sad, as I couldn’t visit my mother this year. My husband dropped off flowers for her though, which was wonderful. I also had some lovely flowers and card too.

Mothers Day

So my birthday was fab. My sister baked me a cake and dropped it over. I had some lovely flowers and card from my nieces and lovely food. It’s awesome time to have with family and finally have more time together.

I also got a birthday from SpaceNK, so recommend signing up with them, as they have some great deals too.

Space NK Birthday Gift

My favourites this month has been homemade cake and my sister Zaira has gotten to become an expert. See below for the picture of my glorious cake!

Birthday Food

All well and blessed. How you all coping in these isolated times?

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