June Magazine Freebies

This June had some exciting but diverse products free with the magazines.

I will do a quick round-up of the products and summaries of the ones I loved.

Nail Polish:

We’ll start with the nail polish. There were no less than three inclusions of these:

Marie Claire Magazine for £2.50 – saw inclusion of the Ciate Mini Caviar Manicure Kit with a choice of 6 colours. The colours ranged from baby blue, purple, lilac, peach, red and pinky coral – which I went for and a great shade for the summer!

Similarly the Red Magazine for £4 included a choice of 4 Mavala Nail Polishes (worth £4.30 each). It came in the following named shades – Waikiki Orange (a coral orange), Moscow (a classic red), Trinidad (a royal blue) and Wichita (a nude shade). I know that this is a reputable nail company known for various nail care products and therefore worth a try.

The cost for the Harper’s Bazaar is £4.20 and came with full size Leighton Denny nail polishes (worth £11 each) which makes this a very good buy! The colour and choice range is very good too. The colours included a baby pink, ruby, nude brown, red, pink and fuchsia.

Star Product – Hot Cloth Cleanser:

* The star product in June came with the InStyle Magazine for just £3.90. To top it all off the REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser (a mouthful, I know! LOL) is a brand new product, meaning it was a real try before you buy! The bottle contained 30ml of product and came with a stay-warm cloth. An absolute steal for the price! I really liked this product and particularly like the fact that this removes eye make-up effortlessly and without the panda marks under the delicate area of the eye. This is a non stinging product so is good to counteract dark eye circles which I suffer from because of continuous mascara use. This cleanser was very gently and after use my skin felt really clean and refreshed. So it’s true to say what’s not to love about this product. Go out and buy it now!



The last in the freebie entries is also from a good brand; Eyeko. There is a choice of 2 liquid eyeliners worth £12 with the Glamour Magazine costing an amazing £2. There is a choice of two colours; black or navy blue. These eyeliners have had good reviews, however I found the one I bought to be too dry and therefore dragged on the eye. I couldn’t get enough product out and therefore the line was often uneven. I didn’t like this eyeliner; I have tried it before and was more successful then but it dried out within a month.

I must say that overall this has been a great month for freebies, especially for the nails. I have to applaud the InStyle Magazine overall as they gave the best free product.

Let me know what your favourite freebie was for May or June…

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