New Years Eve

New Years Eve (NYE) is about celebration. Really from another prospective the time is going so fast that celebrating a year gone in life is a tad sad. Sigh. xx

But celebrating can be deemed as welcoming the New Year in with good tidings and love. Whether it is with the one you love, some friends or just your loving family. Enjoyment is the key.

So spending New Years Eve with the family is the best possible way to welcome the New Year in.

In the past on NYE I have been out to the town but this can be rather expensive with all the bookings and of course the taxi back.

So bring out the gladrags and the beautifying treatments for a nice cosy night in with the family and in laws. 😉

This year it’s mostly about the food and watching the fireworks from the comfort of your warm and cosy house or if you’re brave you can venture out into the cold. But me being a bit of a homely person loves to stay indoors. 🙂

Is it worth spending the money or just relaxing in the comfort of your own home?

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