Olympia Beauty Show & Kylie Lip Kits

Kylie Lip kit

I recently attended the Olympia Beauty Show, which is a haven for beauty addicts out there. It is also good for the beauty professional who would like to get beauty products at a discount. Whether you like beauty in bulk or individually, it is the best way to introduce yourself to new products.

The show is great to get discounted prices, not just on beauty, but also on hair, earrings and treatments, to name but a few.

I got my lips made up full of glitter – glitter lips! Have a look at the picture below, it’s pretty amazing! It starts off feeling furry or fuzzy. Then it gets a bit better and feels semi-normal. I must say it does look good, however, don’t be under the impression that it will last all day and while eating. It’s just a bit of fun! 🙂

Glitter lips

Sorry about the blurriness of the picture, but you can see how intense the glitter was.

So on to the exciting content. I came across a stand called MYX that were selling watches, but on the corner they were also selling the Kylie lip kits and did I say how excited I was! They were selling the lip kits in the popular colours, as well as the birthday edition.

Kylie Birthday Edition

I bought Candy K and Posie K. Candy K looked nice when first applied, but as the day progressed it looked more bright pink. Not sure if it was the pigment of my lips, but it didn’t look as nice as when I first applied it. I will try Posie K and let you all know.

I have also yet to try the birthday editions and am hoping they are better than the lip kits! They do look fab though! Fingers crossed. xx


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